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October 19, 2010

Green movement

In the spirit of Earth Day, Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia (ELC) formed partnerships with a few organizations to create awareness on preserving the environment.

Their first collaboration was with Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens to organize a month-long campaign, themed “Beautiful Earth”.

The campaign aims to create awareness in reducing the use of one-time plastic and paper bags, to raise funds to rehabilitate the mangrove forests in Kuala Selangor and educate the public on the importance of mangrove swamps and why they need to be rescued.

From June 1 till July 4, an educational roadshow was held at Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens while all ELC counters and stores in both malls ran “A Bag For A Tree” fundraiser.
For every RM25 donated towards the campaign, a beautiful Earth reusable bag was given away.

A total of RM87,054.45 was raised, which allowed ELC, Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens to purchase 3,482 saplings.

ELC Malaysia managing director Loo Kai Nan Said, “Trees and forests are being cleared every day and this has had a huge impact on our environment, ecosystem and food source.”

“Tree planting is one of the simplest acts all of us can do to help preserve Mother Earth,” added Loo in a press statement.

On Aug 5, 120 staff, family members, friends and business partners of ELC, The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall gathered at Kuala Selangor Nature Park to plant 1,700 trees.

ELC’s second partnership was with lay Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) Selangor Division.

More than 180 SGM members, including the branch’s chairman Jonny Ng, planted the remaining 1,782 saplings on Sept 19 at the same location.
This effort was also in collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society’s 70th anniversary in conservation this year.

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