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December 28, 2010


Malacca Ventures Into Renewable Energy To Achive Status

MALACCA : Malacca is venturing into renewable energy as part of its vision to bear results by the next two years and the state government’s resolve and commitment on the “Go Green” by 2020.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said he wanted the green initiatives to bear results by the next two years and the state government’s resolve and commitment on the “Go Green” drive was best illustrated by the light green theme for the state’s official functions.

Mohd Ali told Bernama he envisioned the “Go Green” drive would change Malacca through five transformational efforts within two years.

The first and second transformation initiatives revolved around solar and wind energy, in which the harvesting of solar energy would be conducted on a big scale.

Mohd Ali said he was confident that within two years, Malacca could have a solar farm with hundreds of solar panels set up to generated electricity.

“By then Malacca should be able to generated enough electricity for its people ang the excess power will be supplied to other states through Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s grid. This will generated more revenue for the state,” he said.

The state government was also looking into the possibility of setting up windmills to generate electricity in Pulau Besar, a destination being developed into another tourist attraction in Malacca.

“However, the location for the windmills and solar panels will depend on feasibility studies,” he said.

He added that with the use of renewable energy like solar and wind, the long-term costs involved in generating electricity through conventional means could be reduced by 30%.

Mohd Ali said the third transformation initiative was to encourage people to utilize green technology in their daily lives.

The Chief Minister pointed out this transformation was already taking place now with more houses in the state had solar panels to generate electricity or heat.

“But I want to see every house in Malacca use solar panels within two years. I also want to see traditional houses in the state have the same equipment, like what are we trying to do at the Hang Tuah Village,” he added.

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